November 2020

Influence Each of us can influence our workplace for the better and grow professionally. The topic of influence has sold millions upon millions of books, and it’s the theme for this month’s newsletter. First, know yourself, which is essential for any reflection on a leadership skill. For instance, what’s most important to you, what gives […]

September 2020

Strategy Talk Whichever hemisphere you live in chances are you are in that “I’m back” state of mind. I know I am, after taking off August (mostly) for the first time in my professional life. This is a good moment for leaders to talk about the big picture and how their organization’s purpose (the ‘why’), […]

June 2020

Steady Leadership How do we stay steady in feeling, thought, word and action? This is especially relevant to leaders in even the flattest of organizations where all eyes are on them. Attend to the basics. Am I grounding all my communication in the corporate vision and principles? Are the words and actions of our executive […]

April 2020

To plan or not to plan? I’m a planner. It helps me be productive and ensures I make time for fun. So, it has been interesting to read the advice to plan ahead by only a couple of days or weeks during anxious times. While context is everything, here are some questions that work for […]

February 2020

Do we have to? Procrastination is a frequent coaching topic. Many people come to coaching to get more done. Yet, our brains are wired to focus on short-term rather than long-term rewards, and we get in our own way. Productivity hacks such as pairing a dull task with something pleasurable or improving time management are […]

January 2020

IT’S 2020, NOW WHAT? If you’re thinking about changing your professional field (or you know someone who is), consider this.  Be patient with yourself. It can take people at least two years on average to move from “I want something new, but I don’t know what” to embarking on a different career (it took me […]