Because everyone has the potential to influence the workplace for the better, and to grow as an individual.

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Who We Are

I work solo or with other coaches and consultants from my network to provide executive
coaching, leadership coaching, career management, organization development and
facilitation services.

Our clients are individuals, companies and organizations from around the world.
I bring to our practice experience and perspective from two previous careers. I was a
senior communicator at the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank for 14 years and before that a journalist for more than a decade, including at CNN and
starting at my hometown newspaper in the UK.

Rita Jupe, Founder and Principal


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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Executive Coaching

Help executives improve their own performance, motivate their leadership teams and work toward business goals

Leadership Coaching

Support emerging and new leaders to become more aware of how they can inspire and motivate their teams, communicate and develop effective networks

Career Management

Provide career coaching to individuals who are planning or facing a transition or want to grow where they are

Organization Development

Create professional development programs for high-performing employees


Design small and large group meetings and workshops to help clients have productive conversations about strategy and other topics


We hope these testimonials from our global client portfolio give you a sense of how we work and what to expect from our services.

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Rita is an outstanding executive coach; through our sessions, I improved my confidence, polished my leadership style, and adeptly managed delicate workplace situations. She is extremely professional, has an extensive background in international affairs and cross-cultural workplaces, and has unparalleled communication skills. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
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Rita is my first career coach. She strikes me with her non-judgmental attitude, uncommon compassion and incredible professionalism. Practical and inspirational—every session with Rita is a wonderful journey of discovery. She puts my needs at the center of the session, and lets my questions and challenges drive the conversation. She asks powerful questions to help me find the answers without ‘giving advice.’ She challenges me to be more focused and prepared to demonstrate my value and results—a skill critical for junior professionals. Working together with Rita in the past 10 months, I have noticed visible progress in many aspects of my professional development, including negotiation, multicultural communications, facilitation, prioritization and leadership skills. The way she catalyzes transformations and breakthroughs in my professional life is truly inspiring. I feel extremely fortunate to have Rita as my coach, and I hope one day I will also master the coaching skills to bring a lasting impact to many people’s lives, just like what she has been doing.
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Rita is real. She talks to you at your level. Rita connects with you by listening deeply, asking questions with a journalist’s curiosity, supporting you, challenging you without lecturing you. Her sense of calm and confidence reflect her experience, helping steady you while you develop new skills. Rita’s wit and creativity reflect her personality, helping you enjoy your process and expand your view. I highly recommend Rita.
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I have used The Jupe Group’s coaching sessions for 3 months. During this time, we covered many topics ranging from how to handle difficult conversations to more personally tailored topics, such as how to handle perfectionism effectively. The reason we had such a wide range of topics was because I oversaw what we will cover during each of our sessions and the coach, Rita, was well prepared for all of them. Rita remained professional throughout this whole time and guided me how to explore myself outside the sessions and we would summarize my findings and realisations during the following session. I felt that Rita was not only offering a coaching service but also a friendship and was willing to offer advice even after our official period.
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I have been very fortunate to experience Rita’s facilitation skills on multiple occasions with diversified groups including people with different backgrounds, from various locations, and in small and large groups. She has a phenomenal ability to bring the team together, seek input, be inclusive, engage the team, and keep them to task. She is able to handle multiple diverging opinions, simplify difficult topics and help the audience focus on a tangible outcome. She has an amazing way with people, with a strong understanding of interpersonal relationships and leadership. She also has strong business acumen and fantastic writing skills. I would highly recommend her facilitation services.

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