April 2023

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Finding-and becoming-great mentors and sponsors with Carla Harris. Adam Grant, professor of psychology and management, Wharton, researches motivation, generosity and originality. In this edition of Grant’s ‘ReThinking’ podcast, Morgan Stanley executive Carla Harris gives a crisp and inspirational guide to mentorship and sponsorship in the workplace. Among Harris’ insights – access to sponsors is easier than you think, and senior people want access to junior people. Start around the 6-minute mark if you’re short on time.

How to do sponsorship right. To continue on this topic: Herminia Ibarra, professor of organizational behavior, London Business School, writes that while talking about beliefs and values might not feel natural or comfortable, it’s essential for growing a professional development relationship that is more than transactional in nature (Harvard Business Review).


Our World in Data is rich with research and data “to make progress against the world’s largest problems” as the site describes it. That’s true, and it’s a guilt-free procrastination activity for me.

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